Monday, 19 October 2009

My thoughts on religion and Christians.

Here I am not talking about Christianity, being a Christian is a way of life, not a religion, though many would disagree. There are many Christians denominations in the world, and this is what is wrong with Christianity.

Man has let Satan, the enemy, get in and divide us. We should all be working together as a team, helping each other to be and helping everyone to have the same privileges as each other. Satan's biggest weapon is division. I have even heard people from one denomination say that people in another denomination can't be Christians because "they go to that church" or "they do that" etc. How can we judge who is and is not a Christian?

I hate religion, man's idea of how to serve God. God wants to use us, but not always as we think, He wants us to just be us, His individual beings. He made us as individuals not clones. Just think if man was made up of people just like you, we are individuals, made for a purpose.

If all the churches got together and put their differences aside and worked together, just think how much work they could all do for God. A similar situation is found in the Bible. In Genesis 11 verses 1 - 9 the people were building the tower of Babel, and in verse six is says "The Lord said 'If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be will be impossible for them'"*

If we work as one body of people against the enemy, then we can do so much more for God. So, if someone wants to worship God in a different way to the way you do, don't judge them, just see that this is another way that we as people are made different. Just because the leadership of your church says it is wrong to clap or dance in your church, does not make it wrong for people who worship God in this way in another church. It does not mean that they are not Christians, it just means that they worship in another way to yourself. Likewise, just because people don't clap or dance does not mean they are not Christians. Ask yourself how does it make a person a Christian or not because they do or do not do a thing.

When you read the Bible, have an open heart. Ask God to teach you something through the words that you read. I once met a guy who found a Bible and did not know what it was all about. He had had no upbringing in a church or Christian environment. He said he started to read it from the begining, just like you would read a book. He found it confusing and could not make much sense of it until he realised it was about God. He had heard people mention God but that was all so next time he tried to read it he asked God, (if He was there) to help him understand it and make sense of what it was all about. He started to read it again and he said it was just like someone sitting on his shoulder explaining every sentence. Through this book and what was the Holy Spirit, (though he did not know this) he was able to understand and become a Christian.

Next time you go to read the Bible, ask God to interpret it for you as you read. You might be surprised.

*Quote taken from the New International Version.